Nick Grey

Any Way But North

ISBN: 9781942840497

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An untested spy. A Russian mobster. And everything goes south.

Rob North is stuck in a job he doesn’t want. He provides the reports that make the CIA’s missions a success…if only they get read. He dreams of being put in the field. He’s trained for it. But his boss will do anything to hold him back. When a brutal Russian mobster begins trading illicit arms in exotic Istanbul, the CIA must send its best agent to stop him. Unfortunately, Rob is not that person.

The CIA’s top agent goes missing, and Rob seizes the moment. He knows the mission. He knows the missing agent. He even knows the Agency’s rulebook. Rob wrote it. But as soon as his feet hit the pavement in a foreign city, Rob learns that spy work isn’t always by the book. As bullets start to fly, Rob has to find a way to placate his angry boss, hunt down a missing spy, and stop a violent criminal organization. And then, there’s the women…not the least of which is his wife.

Rob knows he’s the best for the job, but will he survive long enough to prove it?

Readers be warned: ANY WAY BUT NORTH is an intensely violent and explicitly sexual espionage thriller. It is not for the faint of heart. This novel makes use of very colorful language including plenty of profanity.

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